Do I need an Alarm Permit?

Most likely yes.  Many cities require a valid alarm permit.  Once you receive your permit, email a copy to: permit@txsgroup.com

If it's not on file with our monitoring center the police will not be dispatched.   Visit our permits page for quick links to many permit sites.


Am I eligible for a discount on my homeowners insurance?

Most insurance companies offer a discount for having a monitored alarm system.  Call or email us to request an alarm certificate.



Does TSG offer online payment options?

Sure!  Let us know if you would like to receive an electronic copy of your monthly invoice that includes an option to pay by credit card or eCheck.


Why is my Keypad Beeping?

There are many reasons your keypad might beep.  One of the most common is a low battery.  If your keypad resembles the pictured keypad, look for BAT in the screen.    This indicates a low battery in the main panel.  Click the link below for battery type and replacement instructions or visit our users guide page.  If another code is displayed, give us a call.  


Do Monitored Smoke Detectors Beep?

No.  Monitored smoke detectors do not beep.  All trouble issues will appear on the keypad.   


Why is my 2GIG Keypad Beeping?

If your keypad resembles the pictured keypad, look for a yellow triangle  in the screen and acknowledge it with a quick tap, then call TSG at (214) 341-8633.  In some cases we can resolve the issue over the phone.  For more  complex issues we may need to schedule a service call.


What is TSG's License Number?

LIC # B11569