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A security system starts with a control panel. Usually located in a closet or a basement, the control panel contains the "brains" of the security system, and essentially operates as a central computer. Various sensors connect to the control panel from locations throughout your home. If your security system is armed and the sensors detect a problem, they send signals to the control panel. The control panel automatically dials the central monitoring station, where the proper authorities are notified. Texas Secuirty Group carries products from all these categories:

Cellular Backup
Wireless Door Contact
Wired Surface Mount
Wired Recessed Door and Window
Wired Overhead Door Magnetic
Smoke Detector
Smoke Heat Combo
Pet Immune Motion Detector
Glassbreak Detector
Interior Siren
Outdoor Siren

Cellular Backup Unit

Wireless Door & Window Contacts

Wired Surface Mount Door & Window Magnetic Contacts

Wired Recessed Door & Window Magnetic Contacts

Wired Overhead Door Magnetic Contact

Smoke Detector

Smoke/Heat Detector Combo
 - Alarm is tripped once temperature      reaches 135° F

Pet Immune Motion Detector

Glass Break Detector

Interior Siren

Outdoor Siren



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