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With access control from Kantech, you'll be able to: Save money by avoiding the need to re-key your entire facility every time an employee or tenant leaves Improve your bottom line with better employee performance and punctuality by tracking time and attendance. Reduce workplace hazards by keeping unauthorized personnel out of high risk areas. When you get one of our Access Control Starter Kits, you get every component required to build an effective and reliable access control system. This includes:

  • EntraPass Special Edition software (CD-ROM)                                       
  • KT-300/128k door controller
  • Two ioProx™ P225XSF readers
  • Five ioProx P40KEY keytags
  • USB-485 converter
  • Two Form C relays
  • 12V, 7 amp battery
  • 16 VAC, 40 VA transformer

The Expansion Kit provides all of the necessary equipment to expand your access control system by up to two doors. It includes:

  • KT-300/128k door controller
  • Two ioProx™ P225XSF readers
  • 12V, 7 amp battery
  • 16 VAC, 40 VA transformer
  • Two Form C relays

Choosing an access control system doesn't have to require hours spent piecing together an assortment of software and hardware devices. Kantech's Access Control Kits put it all together for you so that you can get your access control system up and running in no time.

Readers, Keypads & Cards

ioProx™ Readers & Cards

With five ioProx readers to choose from, you will find one that’s right for your application. Their attractive, compact, weatherized and vandal-resistant design makes them suitable for installation in various indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Choose from Kantech XSF (eXtended Secure Format) or 26-bit Wiegand formats
  • Works up to 300 m (1000 ft) from the controller, unshielded cable significantly reduces installation costs
  • Quick connect terminal block (P225 & P325 series)
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) for enhanced security
  • Weatherproof design for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Integrated piezo & bi-color LED
  • Integrated tamper switch on P600 (optional on other models)
  • The use of snap-and-lock terminal blocks (P225 and P325 series) allows for easy wiring and saves you time and money
  • Integrated keypad models are ADA-compliant and based on the 8-bit burst industry standard
  • Use the keypad’s * and # buttons in conjunction with the EntraPass software to arm and disarm external alarm panels
  • Kantech XSF readers are compatible only with Kantech software, with access to over 4 billion unique codes that provide increased security and an absolute guarantee against card duplication
  • Extended range makes the P600 long range reader ideal for parking lots and access applications where special consideration is needed to facilitate access
  • Up to 73 cm (29 in) read range (P600)

Bioscrypt™ Fingerprintreader

     Product ImageProduct Image

The Bioscrypt FingerPrint Reader prevents unauthorized access via lost or stolen proximity cards by requiring that the fingerprint of the person requesting entry matches the identity of the cardholder.

This two-in-one solution combines a self-contained fingerprint verification package with an embedded IoProx proximity card reader. The two technologies are housed together in a modern case that conforms to mullion mount standards.

The reader stores thousands of templates, performs verification, and provides standard reader connection in XSF ioProx format (Extended Secure Format) or 26-bit Wiegand format.

The Bioscrypt FingerPrint Reader is perfectly suited for applications where there is an existing ioProx reader system. The reader will use existing cards, but will verify user identity through fingerprinting before allowing access.

Exit Control Devices

T.Rex Request to Exit Detector
                          Product Image   

The smart exit detector                                                               

The T.Rex creates a new standard and provides a complete solution to exit detection and door surveillance for access control applications. Outstanding innovations such as X-Y Targeting™ and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) implementation make the T.Rex the fastest and most reliable exit detector on the market.

X-Y Targeting targets a specific area of detection

While some exit detectors on the market offer adjustments of the detection pattern with masking or horizontal alignment, the T.Rex is the first detector to offer vertical detection targeting using two adjustable louvers located in the detection chamber. The installer "trims" the detection area by adjusting these louvers from 90° down to 5°. Horizontal adjustment is provided by rotation of the lens.    
X-Y Targeting

Added security
These two adjustments allow the installer to mount the detector so that the detection area will not "hit" the floor along the door jamb. This defeats attempts to circumvent door supervision by sliding objects underneath the door. Such objects would be detected by sensors mounted in a traditional way.

T.Rex Exit Detector

DSP prevents "Door Forced Open" alarms
Kantech's T.Rex utilizes infrared detection coupled with DSP sampling specifically designed for access control applications. There is a substantial operational difference between T.Rex and a common infrared intrusion motion detector.
A typical intrusion detector operates at low sensitivity levels and is looking for the positive presence of a human. An exit detector such as T.Rex, however, must detect the extremely fast movement of a hand (the target) about to push the door or turn the door handle. A failure to detect this movement prior to an exit application will actually cause a "Door Forced Open" alarm.

  • Zone of detection is easily adjustable for pinpoint accuracy
  • Hands free, no buttons to push
  • Integrated 90db local door alarm sounder independently controlled by access panel
  • Designed specifically for access control applications
  • Unlocks or shunts door automatically
  • 4 models available
  • Optional backplate allows T.Rex to be mounted on a single gang box

PB-EXIT Control Button

Product Image
The PB-EXIT control button is a spring loaded, square green exit button mounted on a stainless steel plate. The SPDT contacts switch when the button is depressed and return when released.
This button can be used for momentary release of fail-safe or fail-secure electric locks. It may also be used to input an exit signal to the access control system. In some areas, local building or fire safety regulations may limit the use of exit buttons and it is recommended to consult or get approval prior to installing exit buttons.
  • Exit signal dispatch to access control system
  • Mounts on a single gang box
  • Contacts are UL listed with 10AMP capacity

Electric Strikes & Locks  

Electric Door Strikes
These commercial and industrial rated door strikes can withstand the traffic involved with access control applications. They are tested to 500,000 cycles.
These strikes are fail locked (fail-secure) for free exit applications. Do not use to control egress. Can be used with cylindrical, narrow line and mortise locks with centerline latch entry. The strikes are listed under UL10B (fire rated), UL1034, ANSI/BHMA E09321 and New York City MEA 404-91-M.
Product Image
Holding force:

  • 906 kg (2,000 lbs) for fire rated models
  • 634.2 kg (1,400 lbs) for non-fire rated models

Electromagnetic Lock

Electromagnetic Locks
These solid construction electromagnetic locks will provide years of maintenance-free operation. Dual voltage (12-24 VDC) operation and up to 680kg (1,500 lbs) of holding force fits most requirements.
The supervised option (SCS model only) provides lock status information (locked or unlocked) and will detect reduced holding force due to the presence of materials between magnet and armature, or power loss.

  • Dual voltage
  • Adjusting manual bracket
  • MOV surge protection
  • Anodized clear aluminum finish
  • No residual magnetism
  • Easy access wiring cavity


EntraPass Security Software
EntraPass Special Edition
EntraPass Special Edition

EntraPass Special Edition's distributed architecture provides connections to remote sites using direct connections, dial-up modems and TCP/IP communication servers using Kantech IP Link. IP Link provides secure communication via 128-bit AES encryption. Kantech IP Link keeps network traffic to a minimum by communicating over the network only when necessary.

Easy to Use, Easy to Install

The EntraPass Special Edition single-workstation software package accommodates an unlimited number of cardholders and controls up to 128 doors.

     Product Image      Product Image

Quicker Installations
The Express Setup utility lets you automatically configure sites, type of readers, connection type, number of loops, number of controllers on a loop, etc. This easy-to-use tool prevents setup errors and tests hardware and wiring before you customize a site.

Integrates Easily With External Alarm Systems
KT-100 and KT-300 controllers allow users to arm, disarm, and postpone the arming of an external alarm panel. This allows EntraPass Special Edition to easily integrate with an external alarm system.

EntraPass Special Edition includes a comprehensive, menu-driven package that is easy to learn and operate. Based on user privileges, operators can define or modify parameters (i.e. schedules or access levels), generate reports, or activate controlled devices (i.e. lock/unlock doors, or activate relays for lighting or air conditioning).

Features That Make a Difference:

  • Controls up to 128 doors
  • Supports an unlimited number of users
  • Emailing reports capability
  • Encrypted site communication
  • Express setup automatically configures system components
  • EntraPass workspaces let you control what operators can see based on user privileges
  • Two concurrent languages per operator
  • Elevator control for up to 64 floors
  • Integrated badging solution
  • Network-ready architecture lets you easily manage sites remotely
  • Integrates easily with external alarm systems
  • Visual diagnostics show status of system components
  • Time and attendance reporting
  • Context-sensitive help


   EntraPass Corporate Edition
EntraPass Corporate Edition
High Performance, Multi-User Access Control System
Kantech EntraPass Corporate Edition is a powerful, multi-user access control system that provides features required even in the most demanding applications. The software adapts easily to meet the needs of growing businesses, allowing users to manage one building or access multiple remote sites from a network. This proven platform gives you the ultimate balance between power and affordability in a network environment.

Secure Access Control over the Network
EntraPass Corporate Edition's distributed system architecture provides connections to remote sites using direct connections, dial-up modems, and TCP/IP communication servers using Kantech IP Link. IP Link provides secure communication via 128-bit AES encryption. Kantech IP Link keeps network traffic to a minimum by communicating over the network only when necessary.

Visual Diagnostics
EntraPass offers on-screen visual representation of system devices with conditions updated in real-time. Interactive system icons can be added to the graphic (of building, floor, area etc.) to display component status. Manual operations may be performed from the real-time system graphic.

Product Image       Product Image     Product Image

Simplify and Improve System Management
EntraPass workspaces provide customized views of the system based on an operator's access privileges. Each workspace is created and defined in terms of devices – gateways, sites, doors, relays, etc. and is configured to identify what areas of the EntraPass system the operator can access and view, such as desktop display, card fields, etc. Workspaces enable you to create different views of the EntraPass system that can be saved and applied to any user.

Manage Card Records Remotely
Easily manage card records over the web using the EntraPass WebStation. The optional web interface provides remote access to create, modify, and delete card records without installing and maintaining additional workstations. .
Integrated Badging Solution
The Integrated Badging feature allows users to design and print badges. Pictures and signatures can be imported or, with the necessary devices, captured and incorporated into cards for printing badges.

SmartLink Feature
EntraPass enables organizations to interface to most intelligent devices such as CCTV multiplexers, alphanumeric pager systems, HVAC systems, LCD panels, video matrix switchers, etc.

Enhanced Video Integration
EntraPass Corporate Edition supports real-time video monitoring from one to 16 cameras from different DVRs simultaneously, including American Dynamics™ Intellex® Digital Video Management Systems and the American Dynamics EDVR. Display live video, play back recorded video, dispatch, log, and locally save recorded event video.

EntraPass Video Vault
EntraPass Video Vault is an innovative video archiving tool which enables all video clips generated by an Intellex alarm or EntraPass video alarm to be automatically stored as .AVI files, or .KVI and .KVA (Kantech Video Archive) files which can be password-protected.


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